A Dreyfus Foundation Symposium on Environmental Chemistry Research, October 24, 2008

Climate, Energy, and the Changing Environment: A Dreyfus Foundation Symposium on Environmental Chemistry Research was held in New York City on October 24, 2008. The symposium, co-hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences, provided a current view of some of the most exciting topics within the broad field of environmental chemistry.

James Anderson, Harvard University
Strategic Choices for Global Energy: Constraints from Feedbacks in the Climate System

Kimberly Prather, University of California, San Diego
New Insights into the Role of Aerosols in Climate Change

Dianne Newman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
From Iron Oxides to Infections: Roles for Redox-Active Antibiotics in Microbial Survival and Development

Paul Anastas, Yale University
Transformative Innovations in Green Chemistry Needed for Sustainability

Eric Jacobsen, Harvard University
Selective Yet General Catalysts

Nathan Lewis, California Institute of Technology
Artificial Photosynthesis: Fuel from the Sun

Daniel Nocera, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Chemistry of Renewable Energy

Ralph Cicerone, National Academy of Sciences
Putting Science to Work in Developing Science Policy

Symposium Program